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Morse Code

morse code teaching machine   http://www.c2.com/~ward/morse/morse.html

morse code=  http://www.cq2k.com/
practice code on line= www.aa9pw.com/radio/morse.html

online translater=     http://morsecode.scphillips.com/jtranslator_old.html

This site has links to cwGETandcwTYPE plus a lot more- WM2Uspage     http://www.qsl.net/wm2u/cw.html

FREE downloads to help learn code-Thanks KF7NFY - http://www.learnmorsecode.com/index2.html



 Thanks Dick KK7MF for these links;

Here is a free contest logging program


here is another logging program that has really great reviews


learning code

Dick KK7MF recommends this for learning and practicing up cw, he says to downloard version 9  http://www.g4fon.net/

Lifted from the ARRL
Tips For Learning Morse Code (CW)

From Chuck Adams, K7QO and Rod Dinkins, AC6V
  1. Start! Whether you use audio cassettes, CDs, computer software, or a partner to send and receive, you won't get anywhere until you get started.
  2. As a small child learns first to crawl, then to walk, and finally, to run, you, too, must learn in steps. Learning Morse code (CW) properly requires both self-study, and the help of someone sending CW to you.
  3. Learn each character as a sound. Morse code is a language of sounds. Never write dots and dashes.
  4. Repetition is the key to remembering anything, including Morse characters. Some folks master it in days, others in months. All who kept at it got it.
  5. The Farnsworth Method is recommended. With the Farnsworth Method, you learn each character at 15 words per minute with large spacing in between characters. This has been proven to be the best method for long-range development. Once the characters are learned, copying speed is easily increased by decreasing the spacing between each character.
  6. Practice, practice, practice. No matter if you learn quickly, or slowly, the key to learning is practice. With enough practice, just about anyone can learn Morse code. Sometimes, skipping a day or two of practice is helpful, and can get you back on track.
  7. Take advantage of all available practice. Your local area may offer Morse code practice through a 2 Meter Repeater, which you can copy with a scanner. If you have a rig or shortwave receiver, you'll benefit from any CW you hear. Just listen and copy as many characters as you possibly can. Once again, practice will pay off. The more you listen, the more you'll be able to copy and understand. After a while, you'll be copying more characters than you are missing. While driving down the road, I would translate road signs to Morse code in my head - the faster the better.
  8. One of the best ways to practice, is to use the "Buddy System." Get a friend, spouse, relative, or anyone willing to share their time, to learn along with you. Enlist the aid of an experienced CW operator for answering questions, and making sure you don't develop any bad habits.

CW Operating Aids

Although this list is mostly IBM, Mac software is available at: http://www.ac6v.com/morseprograms.htm
Editor's Note: Speed and accuracy of computerized CW learning programs may vary according to the speed and clock in the PC it's run on. If you experience any problems, contact the author of the program you're using.

Beginner's Guide to CW: By Jack Wagoner, WB8FSV http://www.netwalk.com/~fsv/CWguide.htm

CW Training

ARRL provides Morse code training on audio cassettes and CD http://www.arrl.org/catalog

W1AW code practice files http://www.arrl.org/w1aw/morse.html

W1AW Code Practice: Schedule of times, frequencies and speeds http://www.arrl.org/w1aw.html#morse

Jack Pardum W9NMT provides a downloadable code practice program (info & instructions [PDF]) that allows variable code speeds as well as variable pitch, and uses practice input from the keyboard or from a text file, including a practice file containing the most commonly used four letter words in the English language.

Ham University: Learn Morse Code or practice for your FCC exam, by Michael Crick http://www.hamuniversity.com/

NuMorse and NuTest: Morse Code Trainers By Tony Lacy, G4AUD http://www.nu-ware.com

K9OX Ward Cunningham's multiple-platform Morse training program http://c2.com/morse/(use on Mac, Linux, Windows, DOS and even Palm)

**G4FON Morse Training Program**

Learn Morse telegraphy (CW) online in your browser with Learn CW Online. You don't need to install a program on your computer, and you always have your personal settings available, from any computer on the globe with an internet connection. You can also easily track your progress by means of different statistical functions.


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