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Region 7 nets

The United States and Canada are divide into three Traffic Areas , Pacific, Central and Eastern. Each of these areas have daily nets that meet four times a day. The Pacific Area Net meets on 14.345 MHz. at 1030 and 1430. Also on 3652 kHz. and 7032 kHz. at 2030.
The Traffic Areas are broken into 12 Regions. Washington is part of the 7th Region which has 4 nets that meet at 0945*, 1515*, 1930* and 2130* on 7238 kHz. with an alternate of 3925 kHz. for the first two sessions and 3560 kHz with an alternate of 7048 kHz. for the last two sessions. Region 7 includes the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. And the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia

The Washington State Emergency Net-WSEN- http://wsen.wastateares.org/  This net meets Every Monday- 
  1830L 3985 kHz. (alt. 7245 kHz.)
Winter Months: 1730 at 3985 kHz. or until band conditions improve. Every Saturday- 0900L 3985 kHz. (alt. 7245 kHz.) This is a directed net. Please use your call sign for recognition by net control. The purpose of this net is to support and maintain the communication capabilities of ARES/RACES in the State of Washington.Visitors are encouraged to register with their local ARES or RACES groups to become members of this net, and are welcome to check in when their county is called.Out of state check-ins will be handled at the end of roll call.

Within Washington State there are several nets that meet each and every day. The first of these traffic nets is the Noon Time Net, but don't let the name fool you, it opens for traffic at 0930* every day. They meet on the frequency of 7268.5 kHz. with an alternate of 7283.5 kHz. There is a 75 meter version of this net that begins at 1145* for those who can't make the 40 meter net.

There is the Trans Continental Corps (TCC), a group of dedicated amateurs, transfers messages across the North American Continent. The TCC is not a net but a group of designated stations who have the responsibility for seeing that inter-area traffic reaches its destination. Click on the link for more information the TCC.
 All times are local Pacific Time.

Then, for those in the Puget Sound area, there is the Evergreen State Traffic System Net on 145.190 MHz. (127.3) and the Puget Sound Traffic System Net that meets at 1730* on 146.820 MHz. (103.5). These local VHF nets provide an outlet for traffic originated by hams who do not have HF privileges and allows them an opportunity to practice handling formal, written traffic on almost a daily basis.

Then there is the is the Beaver State Net on 3920 kHz at 1745*, even though its in Oregon they service Washington too.

Then the Washington State Amateur Radio Traffic System (WARTS, as it's better known)http://wartsnet.org/ on 3975 kHz. at 1800, every evening. 

This is followed closely by the Northwest Single Sideband Net on 3945 kHz at 1830*. And the second session of the Oregon Emergency Net , another Oregon net, at 1900 on 3985 kHz. There is a first session at 1800 on the same frequency. And finally the Columbia Basin Net (The CBN) on 3960 kHz. at 1900*. http://cbn.homestead.com/index.html

For the CW operators there are RN7 nets that meets at 1930* and 2120 on 3560 kHz (alt. 7048 kHz.) and the Washington Sate Net (WSN) that meets at 0730*, 1845*, and 2145* on3563 kHz. (alt. 7038 and 1818 kHz.). All of these nets meet daily for the purpose of handling traffic. For slow-speed CW operators, there is the West Coast Net (WCN) on 3540 kHz. at 1900*.

These nets are here for the purpose of handling formal message traffic and to get your messages into the NTS system.

Non-hams wishing to avail themselves of the NTS are encouraged to contact a local ham friend or neighbor. There's no charge to send a radiogram. It's one of the ways ham radio serves the public interest. (In case you are wondering, sending grandma a birthday greeting provides ham traffic handlers with practice for emergency communications. And, it's fun!)

More information about the NTS can be found in the ARRL Public Service Communications Manual.http://aa7gc.net/wx/index.html

(Oregon Emergency Management Net) 

 This Amateur Radio net operates daily for the purpose of collecting weather information throughout Oregon.  In addition, some stations check in from the states of California, Idaho and Washington. The information is forwarded, by computer, to the National Weather Service in Portland, OR.  
The net opens at 8:00 AM (early check-ins begin at 7:30) on or about the frequency of 3990 Khz.  During times of national, state or local emergency, the net will operate in conjunction with the State RACES Net on a frequency of 3993.5 Khz.

Roll call is taken by an alphabetical listing of Oregon counties.




swap nets plus



AM Swap Net


00:00 UTC


Army Radios 


10:00 AM,PST

7296 KHz, USB



19:30 EST


Central St Swap


00:00 UTC


Collins Net


20:00 UTC


Collins Net 


20:00 EST


Continental Traders


19:00 CST


Country Cousins Nets   

Drake Net 


00:00 UTC


East Coast TradersFri10:00 PM EST3.919

Florida Net


12:30 UTC


Florida Traders Net


8:00 PM EST 


Gator Traders 


00:00 UTC


Georgia Net Sat12:30 UTC3.985 
Georgia TradersSun 13:00 UTC7.275
Heath/DX-60 UsersSun14:00 EST7.290
Horse Traders Sun 21:00 UTC3.942
ICOM Net Sun17:00 UTC14.317
Intl Texas TradersSun 15:00 EST14.207
Midwest Classic RadioSat13:00 UTC3.885
Military Radio Collector'sSat9:30 PM PST3980 AM or SSB
Morse CW Telegraph Net  W6MTC  Sat0815 PST  7.084 and 3.600
West Coast Noon Time NetDaily0930 PST after the RV net finishes7.2685 and 3.970 
Night Hawks Mobile NetNightly6 to 7:00 PM7.225
North Card NetSun 13:00 UTC3.913
Northwest Saturday Morning Swap Net ---
Old Gear  Sat 14:00 UTC7.725
Old Tube CWNightly After Dark3.579.5
Radios That GlowSat & Sun~16:00 PST7.240
Ten-Tec UsersSun2300 UTC14.267 +/-
Texas Traders NetSun 9:00 AM CST 
Texas RegionalFri19:00 CST3.870
Titusville ARC Mosquito NetWed7:00 PM EST28.333
Valley Hams Rag Chewing Albany Oregon Sun  15:00 TO 16:00 UTC7.228  KE7GGV
WA2PZI NetWed00:00 UTC3.865
Western NYFri09:30EST3.928
West Coast Swap Net aka Swap Cars, aka West CarsSat & Sun1245~1630 PST7.2395 +\- 3.5kHz
Yaesu users net Sun 2000z 14.328
The 3803 Roundtable NetNightly11:00 PM EST3.803
3900 Trader NetSun13:00 UTC3.902
3975 Traders NetFri00:00 UTC3.975
3.938 Traders NetWed & Sat8:00pm EST3.938
7.272 Ragchew group Mon - Sat9am to 1pm Eastern.7.272